Now, I try to keep pricing fair and affordable. The only problem is, I do have to pay fees from transactions, so they are a tad bit higher than I would normally charge. All fees are included in the pricing. If you have a problem or anything, feel free to email me at namelessundefined@icloud.com or use the Contact Page HERE.

SINGLE LOGO: $5.50 (Note, if you are an It Works! Distributor and you like to advertise on Social Media, you can also purchase a “Blitz Pic” for the same price which can feature a product or slogan.)

TWO LOGOS: $10.00


TWITTER BANNER (FIT TO SIZE): $5.50 (Please note: Facebook Banners and Twitter Banners are not the same size if you plan on having both)

SPECIALTY PACKAGE: Specialty Package includes 3 Logos of your choice (Which you would own of course, change as you please), and a Facebook Banner. $20.00

FACEBOOK PAGE PACKAGE: Customized Facebook Page, Logo, and Facebook Banner. $20.00

TWITTER PAGE PACKAGE: Customized Twitter Page, Logo, and Twitter Banner: $20.00

SOCIAL PACKAGE: Customized Twitter Page, Facebook Page, Twitter Banner, Facebook Banner, and Logo. $30.00

BUSINESS CARDS: Coming soon!

If you have any specialties that you may need, feel free to email me about it 😉


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